The village of Creixell (Borrassa) is situated in Catalonia (Catalunya). Catalonia is an autonomous region in Spain situated in the northeast along the Mediterranean coastline. It borders France to the North across the Pyrenees.

The Catalonian coastline differs immensely having both high cliffs and deep coves to be found in the north and vast areas of white sandy beaches to the south. Interesting natural landscapes to visit are Cap Creus, Gulf of Roses and Cadaques. This area is also known to holidaymakers as the Costa Brava.
Figueres is the closest main town to the village and offers a good selection of restaurants serving typical 'catalan' cuisine. The lunch time menus are excellently priced and usually consists of a 3 course meal. Culturally, Figueres is the birthplace of Salvador Dali and the town has an impressive museum to honour his Surrealist works of art approximately 4,000 pieces. This region has many other interesting museums and hosts many art exhibitions. Cadaques is a haven for artists.
The city of Girona which lies either side of the river Onyar is well known for its cafe culture and interesting narrow medieval streets and squares. It has a population of approx. 100,000 inhabitants. A walk through the walled city once home to the Jewish Medieval Community is a must as well as visiting the Arabic baths. Girona's antique shops and expensively fitted boutiques exudes wealth and the standard of living in this area is known to be high with property prices equally so.
A half an hours drive from Creixell you find the old Roman baths of Banyoles as well as the large fresh water lake where the Barcelona Olympic rowing events took place. A short drive away are the picturesque towns of Besalu and Olot. In Besalu, the most photographed spots being of the Portcullis on the bridge leading into the walled town as well as the Romanesque carvings on Besalu's Sant Pere church.
On the nature trail there are numerous parks (Parque Natural) to explore including Parque Natural de la Montana de Montserrat and closer Parque Natural de Aiguamolls de L'Emporda.

Further north close to the french border is Valle de Nuria which during the winter months offers good skiing at a reasonable price. Located above the town of Ribes de Freser, Valle de Nuria has spectacular scenery with a gorge and huge natural lake. Good for walkers too!

This region has everything to offer and has proper seasons unlike the arid south. It is generally a comfortable 18-22 degrees from late February and for those seeking really hot, you will find 30-35 in mid summer.

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